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Be as great as you want to be with the Aidan Shaw Brand. AS23 First Logo Collection, Take Flight Collection, and now Anime Collection is now out. Make sure you get yours!

Take Flight

Take Flight Collection

The 'Take Flight Collection' is out and Aidan is soaring!

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Anime Collection

AS23 Scholarships

AS23 Pick Two Scholarship

Here are the qualifications/rules for the AS23 Scholarship:

1. Must be a senior at an accredited high school with a 3.5 GPA or higher cumulative. (Send letter from counselor to confirm this requirement has been satisfied to include their contact information)

2. Must have a minimum of 10 hours of community service in the last 12 months documented and verified.  

3. Must have a letter of recommendation from a teacher, mentor, or impactful person in your life.  

4. Tell us why in 250-500 words why we should select you for this scholarship.

5. Applicant needs to have been accepted to an accredited college and attend no later than Fall of 2024 

6. All Items need to be received by 3/15/2024.  

7. Must live in KC Metro Area or within 130 miles of KC Metro Area


Here are the selection/regulations for the AS23 Pick 2 Scholarship:

1. Must meet the minimum guidelines above.

2. Will be selected by a group of committee members based solely on your application. (Understand that just because you meet the guidelines above you are not guaranteed scholarship)

3. After having all qualifications submitted the committee will lean most on your recommendation letter and your response to why you should be selected.

4. Please note not everyone will win there will only be two recipients for this scholarship and the amount will be $2000 payable to college for applicant.

5. Two Winners selected by 4/7/2024 to be announced on social media and confirmation email sent for acceptance. 

*In case of a tie the award will be split.


AS23 Blue Valley High School Scholarship

1. Must attend BVHS with a GPA of 3.5 or higher cumulative.

2. Must follow all rules & regulations listed for AS23 Pick 2 Scholarship located on this site.

3. There will only be 1 recipient of this scholarship and the amount is $1000.

*In case of a tie the award will be split.  ** BVHS students can apply for both scholarships but can only win one.



How to send Scholarship Applications

  • Email to:
  • Subject Line: Name the Scholarship you are applying for only
  • Send documents via PDF and you will receive a confirmation email
AS23 Scholarship

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